What is MarketGrabber?

MarketGrabber is a crypto valuation platform designed to increase trust, security and confidence of crypto selling websites by comparison and many other methods. It aims to make it safer and control in DeFi projects with low market value for investors. The main purpose of MarketGrabber is to To enable low market value projects to easily find investors, and to enable investors to invest in low-value projects in a safe, comparable and auditable environment provide advanced fraud protection, thereby reducing the risk of investing in small investments the market capitalization of blockchain projects is at the absolute minimum. MarketGrabber aims to be the first anti-fraud crypto listing centre in the world. In order



Our Mission is "Lifting MarketGrabber and MarketGrabber tokens to several Heights" An innovative, user-friendly, one-stop-shop where investors can find everything they need Investing in tokens safely and making more profit by doing so. we are trying to make it as simple as possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies while positioning ourselves as leaders in safety, reliability and surveillance value continues to increase



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Token Sale

Token public offering and pre-sale information are as follows. Please follow us. You can send us an e-mail for any questions you may have.


February 24, 2022 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale MGRT


March 7, 2022 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange


  • ROUND 1
  • 0.0015$

  • ROUND 2
  • 0.0030$

  • ROUND 3
  • 0.0060$

  • ROUND 4
  • 0.012$

Our Roadmap

We will walk on this path together with all our investors and you, our partners.

February 2022

Pre-sale has started.

April 2022

Pre-sale has over.

May 2022

Start Token Sale Round (1).

June 2022

Start Token Sale Round (2).

July 2022

Start Token Sale Round (3)

August 2022

Start Token Sale Round (4)


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Contact Us

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.